Thursday, November 18

this skirt is like petty cash

I borrowed this skirt from the shop and knew I'd be returning it, it's kind of like the shop pieces are petty cash and I can use them for a bit but I have to give them back. I do it mostly with coats because for some reason I am a coat magnet and there's not way I can keep them all to myself, but also no way I can not wear many of them. 

What's funny to me about this outfit is that it's just about an exact permutation of outfits I wore in 4th grade. The wool bias cut plaid skirts with some sweater. Though then it was mostly those cool 1980s crewneck wool sweaters with an oxford underneath. So yeah, one could say I have been dressing the same since 4th grade...eeesh. I have always loved these skirts, as evidenced by the number of them in the shop all the time. Maybe everyone else hates them, heck, I don't know!

And please do forgive my horrible hair, I was on my way to get a haircut! It looked much better after. ;)

ralph lauren tan shawl collar sweater ◊ thrifted
white cotton scoopneck shirt ◊ thrifted
woodsy plaid wool skirt ◊ in the shop now
olive green Ferragamo riding boots ◊ thrifted


Casey said...

I actually think your hair looks kinda cute! ;) Isn't it funny how we set fashion preferences early on in life? When I was little I was really into girly dresses (remember those poufy party dresses from the 80s with the net crinolines attached and puffed sleeves? I had a whole bunch of those!)--and that's translated into how I dress as an adult too.

Oh, and wanted to also say that I loved that vintage letter sweater you posted a few days ago! I've been dreaming about finding a sweater that I can applique something similar on since your post--or better yet finding an actual vintage one! ;)

♥ Casey | blog

Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

horrible hair, yeah right! at least you can pull off the bun. My sis always wears a bun too, but it never works for my face shape, no matter what I try.

p.s. I love those skirts too, they're rarely lined, but still *so* pretty.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I think your hair looks stylish. I think the best change to the old look are those boots. I wear my boots so often they are worth every penny. I never grow tired of plaid!

rebekah said...

i have so tons those too!!
so i've been passing them up lately and it hurts me!
something about the wool i'd be happy to just stack them up like blankets and stare at them.
maybe they stick around longer than i'd think because everybody's got a couple already themselves!

Cardi Wrap said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts regarding your borrowed wool skirt. Matching it with either a cardigan or turtleneck and shawl would make for a pleasing-looking outfit. Good post.

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