Wednesday, November 10

my money is where my mouth is

See, I am so way into plaid, I've been wearing this coat around and am so happy this late autumn temperate weather is cooperating. I've been spending the days photographing my face off getting all the holiday pieces ready for the shop. It seems weird to do so while still wearing and obsessing over plaid, but I also know the color palette changes quickly once the holiday season gains momentum so I am working to get as much mileage out of my autumnal plaids as possible!

1970s brown felted wool hat  ◊ antique store
gray turtleneck sweater ◊ thrifted
1960s fitted plaid wool jacket ◊  Vintage Philosophy
1970s oatmeal Levi's ◊ estate sale


Anonymous said...

OMG, I must say, being a long time fan of your Dear Golden shop and blog, I was so happy to see that you found bought something from MY shop! I can see why! That coat suits you perfectly and so does plaid. Anyway, you look fabulous!

Summermarie for Vintagephilosophy

Anonymous said...

One more thing. :) Thank you for supporting other shops on etsy, it's good karma for your own shop, I've believe.


Pamela - 'Chocolate for the Soul' said...

That coat has your name all over it...especially since it's in your favorite color palette. You look mahhhhhhvelous!

Anonymous said...

I love plaid! I just purchased my very first plaid item this week. You are very inspiring!

thatdamngreendress said...

I love the short belted look! you look straight out of vogue 1978 (or vogue fall 2010!)

Chaucee said...

You look great in this coat! Definitely a Vogue shot :)

Carissa Clark said...

I love that plaid coat, looks so warm and cozy :)

Unknown said...

The plaid coat is gorgeous and you have styled in beautifully - those pants, that hat... you look just fabulous!

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