Saturday, November 20

colorless cozy

via Bliss

Happy Saturday, a day most people wake up a little bit slower than the other days. I'd love to be waking up
in any of these houses. What IS it about the heavy use of neutrals that is just so damn soothing? 


Aloha Letterpress said...

Yes...They all look so comforting. I'd love a large wooden table like that!

Anonymous said...

I think the farmhouse table is central to the comfort of our home as well. I just love a worn looking table where you can tell many a meal has been shared. Love the artwork above that bed as well!

Zohar said...

I love how the living room has such an open feeling because of the windows

River Johnson said...

I love the bedspread on the last photograph.
There's something about clean, fresh floral linen.

k said...

that bedroom is sooo gorgeous.

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