Friday, October 15

new spot & broken rules

Happy to come to you from a new spot in the house, complete with a bit of art; but I promise, not all the walls in my house are gray, at least not yet! Yesterday I spent the day at two giant antique malls and came home with an astounding amount of new pieces for the shop, I had no idea that the trip would yield so much, but I am certainly glad for it. 

I am also breaking a little pointless "rule" I tend to hold myself too which is 'no black until December'. It's silly, I know, but autumn really begs for warm tones and it's such a short season I feel like I should maximize the wearing of all the browns and autumnal tones. Once it's deep winter black & gray are staples. But this dress I found sort of solves that problems as it is both black and rusty browns. 

1970s cotton mini dress ◊ thrifted
black tights
auburn clog heels ◊ swedish hasbeens


Maria Casteel said...

love the dress
love the hair
love the new spot.
you're gorgeous.

Unknown said...

I really like that dress it looks perfect for Autumn

Ana Díaz said...

Cute dress, pretty face & cute style :)



CS said...

That dress is so pretty!

NessaKnits said...

Your blog must be any young fashion students dream as they review your pages!

Anonymous said...

Love this dress. I have one with the same type of fabric in a 70s smock hippie dress. LOVE. :-) xx Emily

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