Saturday, October 30

a day like all days

A pretty standard daily outfit great for running around town and then coming home to shoot 130 photos of just coats. Yeah, just coats! And one would think I'd be done shooting coats, but no, not even close. My coat obsession has already begun to infiltrate the shop. If there isn't a coat you love in the shop now, believe me, one will turn up. Any coat requests? Lemme know! 

soft brown shrug sweater ◊ thrifted
salmon oversized shirt ◊ thrifted
salmon leather belt ◊ thrifted
dark jeans ◊ martin + osa
lace up leather boots ◊ the house of hearts


erin said...

well if you insist, i have been dreaming lately of a navy, hooded, wool coat with toggle buttons and if i'm really getting picky, plaid flannel lining. you know the kind, right. only problem is, it has to be eensy. the search continues!

cherylc said...

I've been looking for a new vintage coat. I want a great color and interesting seaming. It has be be at least 42 inches in the bust but able to downsize well because I'm getting a mastectomy after I have chemo. (I bet that's one of the most unusual requests you've gotten!) But I'm sure one of the many coats will be perfect.

Melissa Righero said...

You shouldn't have asked....Draw string waist, toggle buttons, dark brown or plaid...I would...die...just die...I've been looking for something like that for years.

Unknown said...

those boots are so handsome.

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