Saturday, September 4

the Trudy connection

Last winter while watching Mad Men Trudy wore a blue dress that was exactly like one I had sold. When I saw it on screen I am pretty sure I squealed. Recently while reading some Mad Men blog or something I found the above photo collage of Trudy and realized that I again had a Trudy dress in my collection of vintage! It has not been listed in the shop, but soon will be as it's just about as perfect as an autumn mid-century dress can get. And I hope to find more dress dopplegangers in my stock as the season moves on!


Zohar said...

ha that's pretty close! Do you think the one you saw was the one you sold?? that would be amazing.

Rach said...

This is by far the best show, with the BEST outfits. :)

KristiMcMurry said...

Very close resemblance! I'm still in the first season (didn't start watching until recently), and Trudy's not one of my favorites, but this dress is darling!

Allison said...

trudy is my favorite dressed lady on mad men!

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