Sunday, August 1

street style...

of course i love the chick in all nudes

 star wars neutral chic rears it's head, always a fan.

 i don't know what's going on with this coat, but me likey.

not sure how i feel about sweatpants disguised as actual pants, but i do like those shoe things.

just about one of the only person in a tailored outfit on that site...messy is cool but tailoring, yeah.

there are elements i both love and do not love going on here. love the colors. maybe not those boots.

80s fringe suede coat, black tights in summer - things i certainly can't get with, but somehow
she just looks real darn cute.

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Huzzah! Vintage said...

Surprisingly, I really like that one coat that looks like a giant vulva.

Kelly Lauren said...

hahaha @ Huzzah's comment. I agree with everything you said on all of these. the tailored red jumpsuit is just divine, though. not so much digging the last photo... haha but it's just not my style ;) thanks for sharing!

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