Saturday, July 31


egon schiele / seated woman with bent knee

john singer sargent / madame x

amadeo modigliani / woman with a fan

john currin / the cripple

It is possible that I could look at this sort of thing for hours. When I originally saw this post on this I did not want it to end. First of all, I love Julianne Moore and it's remarkable to me how she can utterly transform her entire being into these paintings with so much versatility. When I think of some of the Hollywood actors working today I just feel, "meh", and considering how I don't like celebrities, it's sort of a double "meh", but I do so love it when famous people are awesome, like Julianne Moore.


the gray bird said...

yes! i just saw these photos somewhere the other day and i loveloveLOVED them! and i just saw julianne moore in The Kids Are All Right last night... and i think she's just an amazing lady. i love it :)

Jenni said...

These are so great!

Vintage Seen said...

agreed. amazing. and hard to pick a favorite.

Zohar said...

This is wonderful! I too share an affection to Jullianne moore - she's so lovely. I love this idea and I think the most interesting thing is how they took 4 completely different paintings of 4 completely different women and she transformed into each and every one of them.

Clare said...

Wow I love this!
You would never think it was all the same woman.
I like how the adaptations are faithful without being 'fancy dress'

Laura Loo said...

Those are crazy! I love it. She's great.. and I love things like this too!!

Kelly Lauren said...

Awesome! I love her. thanks for sharing! =)

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