Wednesday, August 18

i'll miss these days

Sooner than I even think I'll be missing the days of throwing on some tank top and little flats like this. It will be all piles of sweaters and socks to the knees. Granted I have not been loving the 90 degree weather we've had lately either. This out fit was total strategy for a day of antiquing - moving between hot humid weather & freezing cold air conditioning takes some outfit planning; this outfit along with a light cardigan are befitting for the day. Very light pants for all the bending, moving and hauling that ensues while searching for vintage treasures and flat shoes for all the walking. 

vintage striped silk tank ◊ thrifted
gray high waisted trousers ◊ anthropologie
pale gray bow flats ◊ etsy
white carved wood necklace ◊ vintage shop


SAMI. said...

you look so cool, calm & collected :) glad you are appreciating the sunshine now while you still have it.


magdamagda said...

I love the trousers-flats combo! and I couldn't agree with you more, summer has its undeniable advantages when it comes to clothing!

gee said...

this outfit is amazing. i love those pants. they look so comfy, perfect for a hot and humid day.

just wanted you to know..over at my blog i am wearing one of your amazing esty dresses.


Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

I love the waist on those pants, you look so incredibly comfortable!

Leigh said...

I love this outfit. The pastels are so fun. What a great thrifted find!


Imelda said...

Love your style as always,Lauren! Effortless!

Dulcette said...

That is such a beautiful top! makes me think of Brighton rock... xxx

Ashlee said...

and cute!

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