Tuesday, July 6

too hot to fuss

Sometimes I wonder if I should even bother to do outfit posts, so many gals out there do it so much better with great scenic locations and here I am with my lonely gray wall every time...but nonetheless while I am mulling over whether or not to keep doing this, here's today outfit. An outfit for the 90+ degree weather, which oddly I don't very much mind, I just imagine I am in India on a yoga retreat and then I sort of like the heat. But don't get me wrong I am pretty grateful for the air conditioning right now! 

vintage white gauzy blouse • thrifted
pale gray linen slouchy pants • anthropologie
nail necklace • etsy
brown gladiator sandals • thrifted


AND.....introducing Helena (remember that movie Boxing Helena?)! I was fed up with having to pass up great swimsuits, rompers, shorts and pants because I didn't want to model them so I hoped and prayed I'd find a Wolf form with legs and lo and behold I did, and she's a beaut. Today was her maiden voyage and dare I say, I am in love with the lil' gal. Get ready to see more swimsuits and rompers in the shop!


Tien said...

I love it when you do outfit posts because your style is so clean and feminine. I love your gray wall, and I get quite a bit of inspiration from you. If you stopped doing them, I'd be very sad. Yes, lots of people do outfit pics in all sorts of scenery, but your style is yours and is so unique. Please don't stop.

The Church of Vintage said...

Beautiful dressform! I would cry from joy if I owned it. Aesthetically pleasing all on it's own too, love displayable displays.

E. Driscoll said...

I agree with Tien - I love seeing your outfits!

Jean Jean Vintage said...

Hey - DON'T Fuuussss! :)

Good Girls Studio said...

Welcome Helena :) So nice to meet you!

I {heart} your outfit posts!

Sarah said...

mmm...lovely crisp outfit! I'm totally inspired by your little white blouses this week!

and yay to the lovely legs on Judy!

Anonymous said...

My mom told me how hot it is there... uhg! Looks like the perfect outfit for the weather. Also looks like the perfect dress form!!! What a beauty!

Dip-tea said...

Love the outfit and that necklace is gorgeous!

BaronessVonVintage said...

Oh, I love your outfit posts and think your beautiful wall color reflects and highlights your wonderful aesthetic perfectly! Helena is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love your wall


alexkeller said...

good & creepy movie - loved it!

Adelaide's Homesewn said...

never stop doing outfit posts! i love them. yours is the first blog i followed and i have always loved your outfits. but i understand how you feel. i am usually stuck to my light blue wall and feel like the ladies who frolic through the forest have fab backgrounds.

and, yay for helena! can't wait to see your swimsuits and rompers.

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