Wednesday, July 28


Some forward-thinking interiors from the 1970s that are both cool and loathsome in so many ways.  More here. And oh, isn't that gal's maxi dress in the kitchen (stable?) pretty darn cute?


Fabiola "Fab" said...

you're right! I love her dress!

Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

how is there a STABLE in the KITCHEN? haha! it would stink terrible I would imagine. The 1970's is just dripping off of these photos!

KristiMcMurry said...

I love that bathroom...and the kitchen/stable is the color of my kitchen (but not my stable).

I don't actually have a stable, but if I did it would be located far away from the kitchen!

Sadie's Wardrobe said...

Fabulous interiors! Some would say they look old and dated, but they somehow seem completely modern to me! Loving the tiles in the second picture!


Schaufensterbabe said...

That kitchen is so surreal...But the lady does look cute. :)

Huzzah! Vintage said...

hmmm, 70s decor was all kinds of wrong...even in Europe, apparently. (Though, it might be cool to have a stable in one's kitchen?)

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