Sunday, June 6


images from lace and cake

I don't like celebrities or celebrity culture/magazines, for some reason I don't even see celebrities as real humans...I can't/won't explain that. I do, however like dead celebrities, which makes sense, I like old clothes and old dead people. But a major exception to this is my pretty massive crush on Kate Winslet. Not only is she one helluva beautiful creature, I think I'd like to hanging out with her (conjecture, I know), if I could manage to not feel like a serious troll while being seen with her. I feel like she has a quality that old Hollywood movie stars had/have, even in this very modern photographs.


Purple Deer said...

I have to agree...Kate is pretty fancy.

MALVINI FF said...

Nice shots of kate!!

MarieBayArea said...

i heart kate. she always appers lit from within.

Sarah Dee said...

I idolize her =)


Ollie Otson said...

She's so beautiful!

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