Sunday, June 13

dressmaker illustrations

via Flickr

I love these simple and minimal illustrations from 'Dressmaking Made Easy' 
by Laura I. Baldt, published by the McCall company in 1928.


snikitiki said...

This morning my twittering friend @myvintagevogue posted your tweet about "illustrations", being curious, I clicked the link and was rewarded with this most wonderful site! You have a wonderful style in everything you do. I am more the tiki, ink, & iron kind of guy (born in Detroit), but will continue to visit in the future. I've already been here for more than an hour! I will tell all my friends about you. Take care and may God bless.

The snikitiki :o)~

Sarah Eagle said...

These are beautiful!

MarieBayArea said...


Rebecca said...

These are just ;loevly. Love the linear style. 1920s fashion is so beautiful.

Lauren Maurer said...

OOo I love these!

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