Sunday, May 9

take me out to the ballpark...or something

What? I don't look like I am going to a ballgame? I think the dress codeat the ballpart is ill-fitting t-shirts and tennis shoes, at least from the looks of the place it was. I went to watch the Detroit Tigers play with Mr. Dear Golden and some friends; we saw a grand slam, it was unexpected and pretty exciting. We also had pretty great seats, not that I am a huge sports fan, but it's definitely more engaging when it's closer to you face.

1960s gauze & crochet blouse - Ann's estate sale of yore
black jeans - Urban Outfitters
platform sandals - thrifted a few years back
panama hat - Capricious Traveler
black heart necklace - borrowed from my good friend Amy at Gulping Beauty


Q's Daydream said...

That blouse is amazing!!!
Sports are better in your face, lol! ;o)

Shallow Mallow said...

I am always tempted to turn around and take pictures of the crowd at sports events - I love the way everybody gets carried away.

Love the hat & your cute pigtails!

Sarah Dee said...

The blouse is amazing and the necklace is to die for!


hannah said...

no that looks like a lovely outfit for a ball game! love your little braids too :-)

Good Girls Studio said...

You're adorable! Sounds like a fun day :)

A. said...

I would like any or all of your hats. Sigh.

A from

Ollie Otson said...

Sports are always more engaging when you're there. It's the atmosphere that really makes it, at least for me.

I love your hat. You look absolutely adorable.

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