Wednesday, May 26

like a capri in a haystack

I feel like every summer I look for the perfect pair of capris and never find them. The ones they sell today are either too low on the hips or not tight enough around the calf, and most are just straight up nerdy. Once summer is over I forget about my search, but it's this time of year I start having a hankerin' for these pants and they are just nowhere to be found, at least not that I have found. And so, if you have any idea where I can get some, nice black twill ones maybe, tight fitting and totally 1950s, let me know!


Q's Daydream said...

That picture of Natalie is amazing!

katy said...

i know just what you mean! i found a pair of lightweight, not really normal denim, lee straight leg jeans meant for women older than i at a thrift store and took the legs in to make them 'laura petrie' crop pants. perfectly high-waisted and fitted to me.
i've been looking for another pair, not demin, and found something quite close at New York & CO (of all places!). not somewhere i generally go, i go to the mall maybe twice a year, but happened to be there and they happened to be having a huge sale, so in i went. i found these:
not twill, but black - i love that they have a side zip, and are pretty much the perfect length (after adding a cuff because i'm only 5'4"ish). they're not super high-waisted, but they aren't low either, they hit me right around my belly button. i ended up taking mine back because black pants+two light colored kitties who shed a lot is not a good idea! they had other colors in the store, but the material was different and not as nice, which is a shame because i really liked the fit.
if you have a store near you, you might want to you might want to check them out - they're on sale now, so most sizes are gone on the internet, but in-store they might still have some.

i haven't tried these, not twill either, but i like the look (and side zip):
and navy, normal pants-zip:
these are slim-fit, twill, multiple colors, and on sale, look to have a higher waist, but might need a bit of taking in at the calf, can't really tell:

and banana republic had some crop pants and such that i really liked, of the same sort of style, but i have a hard time paying more than $20 for pants...

good luck!

Elvis Jesus Clothing said...

Wonderful pictures!

Anonymous said...

I am on a similar quest; black color also - wonder why they are so hard to find? Good luck to you, I bet you'll find the perfect pair now!

Alyson said...

it's so very true! i have a few pairs of the j.crew minnie twill pant because they have a a beautiful fit. it's been impossible for me to find something similar that is vintage. sigh...the search continues. i'm new to etsy and your shop is just fabulous, it's going to take all that i have not to buy it all.


Dre said...

God! Me too! SO hard to find and if you do find a pair-so hard to find the right size! I'm looking for a vintage repro pattern so I can sew a pair for myself!

Anonymous said...

oh dear, all i know is that i want the EXACT outfit in that last picture. it's PERFECT!

Clairegeit said...

Every summer, I find some skinny leg high waist pants, (they always seem to everywhere) and cut off at the right lenght. Its easy way top find the right 1950s look capris

Sarah said...

I vote for the J.Crew minnies as well- they're perfect, and the fabric is quite vintage-y. I bought a pair in NY last weekend and wore them the whole time!

Marie said...

the 1st and 3rd are my favorites in this grouping. natalie wood is so sultry. whose the blonde?

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