Friday, May 21

5 friday favorites

I am not sure how along the way I have left my Five Friday Favorites post by the wayside, but since I am the boss around here I am re-instating it henceforth (or until I forget again). So here are my five favorite items from the "back" of the shop!


Carys said...

Lovely, the skirt is my favourite!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Good Girls Studio said...

Way to take control boss lady :) Love the sandals!

VanilahFashion said...

Beautiful, Beautiful pieces.
You would loke the website :)
Vanilah xx

Anonymous said...

LOVE the dress!

xo Alison

Adelaide's Homesewn said...

yay! i totally loved friday favorites! the first shoes are my favorite. i love that color.

Curious Knopf said...

Those first shoes really are adorable. I'll have to go have a peek at see if they just happen to be my size. :)

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