Friday, April 30

underuse and overuse

Here I am in some of my most overused clothing. I sit on a mountain of clothing, vintage clothing for the most part, the best stuff, but yet this spring I have worn this top three times and these jeans more than that. I know, jeans don't really count, but the tunic totally does. I should wear something else. Though I can't seem to because I am kind of in love with this blouse. Now the shoes, the Swedish Hasbeens are totally destined for overuse, I got them in the mail today and might only not wear them while sleeping and bathing. Sad. Or maybe not sad, maybe it's awesome.

1970s gauzy tunic - thrifted
jeans - TopShop
platform clogs - Swedish Hasbeens
botanical earrings - thrifted


Purple Deer said...

Well I can see why you wore it three times, it's amazing. I'm a sucker for embroidered peasant blouses (as you saw). So I understand. Wear it 5 more times.

Cocoon said...

You can't get more spring than that LOVELY blouse!
I say wear it until the first snowfall.

Good Girls Studio said...

I think we all gravitate to our favorites over & over! It looks soo soft & comfy, I'd probably be sleeping in it too ;)

Sienna said...

You got them! I feel like this is an occasion that calls for congratulations! Are they everything you hoped for?

BaronessVonVintage said...

Oh, this look just is perfect on you!!

Lyndsay Dusek said...

Give it to me and I will wear it for you

Eliz said...

Three times is a lot to wear something? Then I'm in trouble.

Cute top!

Ellenitza said...

Love this outfit! I have the same pair of hasbeens and just love them!

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