Wednesday, April 14

i giveth, i taketh away

I bought this cute little silk Ikat dress for my friend, yes I sure did. But then I tried it on and couldn't part with it because I realized it is like no other dress I own and it's great to wear when I know I am going to eat a lot. Plus Mr. Dear Golden liked it a lot and that always sways me pretty heavily.

silk ikat dress - thrifted
leggings - target
black boot - thrifted
scrimshaw necklace - jean jean vintage


Teresa said...

That is a very special dress! And the whole outfit looks really good on you. :)

Also, it's funny you mentioned that the dress is great to wear when you know you are going to eat a lot because I do the same thing! Hehehe! I wear loose clothing when we go to the buffet. :)

Anonymous said...
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Paige said...

i don't blame you, its super cute!

Jean Jean Vintage said...

Yay you are still wearing it!!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Love it, and yes, looks very comfortable! Poor friend--but I would have done the same.

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