Tuesday, April 13

forgivenes rock record

One of my very most all-time favorites bands, Broken Social Scene has a new album and last night as I lay there listening to it I was sure it was all the music I needed to hear for a long while. I think I felt that way about their first album too. That's kind of like saying I like one of my vintage dresses above all the rest so it's obviously exaggerated, but that's just how I felt in the moment. Have a listen and see for yourself, particularly to the track, "Sweetest Kill"...


caramelizedvintage said...

I know how you feel. love Broken Social Scene! I almost cried because tickets sold out to see them here in LA. I haven't gotten around to purchasing the CD yet, though! I think I might do so today.

PrettyDamnCute said...

What a great "review." I think I heard them briefly before and love them but then lost them. Thanks for the (re)introduction!

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