Sunday, April 11

day of rest

I am officially taking the day off this Sunday. Not even going to look at this computer. Not even going to steam, mend, photograph or measure a garment. Nope. But I am going to leave you with this update and come back all freshy fresh on Monday morning.


Fabiola "Fab" said...

Do I not know you very well or what! When I saw your title day of rest I thought to myself she doesn't rest bet it's going to be tons of vintage pieces to make a girl make swoon! and sure enough there they are!!! And yes you deserve a rest cause you do alot! Enjoy this wonderful!!

oh yeah I love those two tan sandals, blue skirt and the fifth dress at the top row which is probably gone by now. Let me check your store quick!

Jenn Graves said...

This IS the day of rest and I'm glad you're taking some time for your self ... you are precious!

lumikha said...

aww tulip shoes! i love your store.

Zohar said...

Good for you - enjoy :)

Jean Jean Vintage said...

So proud, so very proud of you.

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