Saturday, April 24

cross my leafy heart

Instead of doing some of the things that I was supposed to be doing on Friday, like tackling my mending pile and measuring shoes, I thought I'd just play around in my own closet. It scored me a night of mending and measuring shoes, but those things are better done when the sun goes down anyhow.

I love this dress to bits and love how it looks with the shoes. I can't wait until it's super hot outside and I can run around in some getup like this, outdoor cocktails anyone?

1970s floral dress - Vintage Time Machine
1970s wood platforms - Crafty Crow Vintage
necklace - from my mom's jewelry box


Annabelle Rose said...

That is one pretty dress, and it looks so good on you!

Blair said...

Goodness, that is a bea-utiful dress!!


Jenni said...

This dress is beautiful.

Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

Love that necklace!

Purple Deer said...

That dress has heart shaped pockets!!!

Psyche said...

Hi! I'm wondering where your mom got/bought the leaf pendant. I have a similar one I bought from a friend's Mom. :P

Tess said...

That is probably the best 70's dress I've ever seen. What a special purchase.

sarah louise said...

What a casual yet perfect outfit! I can't wait until it's warm enough in the midwest to wear similar outfits, too. <3

Sarah Louise

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