Sunday, April 18

courting the sun

Though it seems we've slipped into a cold spell (I am currently clad in a turtleneck and my wool slippers) I know it's the end of all this, or at least it better be as I've switched out my closet from winter to summer and there's not a lot of options left for me whereas warm clothing goes. Sometimes it's nice to live vicariously, pretending its already warm by putting summer dresses in the shop.


Property Settlements Lawyers Brisbane said...

Love your collection. The first one and third one are really classic my favorite.

Mod Human said...

Very pretty dresses!
You have such amazing vintage

Lisa said...

Beautiful dresses! Wish I could spend the day in one of those wandering around a garden instead of sitting in an office!

forrestina vintage said...

#2, #5, and the vest. Are those gellies?! said...

These are so lovely Lauren!

Teresa said...

You always have the loveliest dresses! :)

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