Saturday, March 13

prettier than real life

There's just something, je ne sais quoi about these paintings by Janet Hill, I totally got lost in some dressed up daydream looking at her body of work recently.  I sort of want her to come to my shop and personal closet and spend day after day painting the contents. She also paints rooms so I think I'll also wrangle her into spending a month at my house painting rooms. Maybe I can pay her in kashi 7 grain nuggets since I am pretty obsessed with those lately any rate you can also get lost in her paintings on her website and in her shop.


Purple Deer said...

I love these. I truly enjoy artist who can expand your mind to wander, it's a nice escape.

Louise said...

I need one, I want one.

Laura said...

These are so soft and elegant...beautiful :)

Janet said...

Thanks for the lovely post about my work!

the letters i wish i'd written said...

Oh, when I grow up I want to be a lady...these are so beautiful.

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