Wednesday, March 24

it's official

Now that's is officially spring I can do the seasonal clothing switchout. Something I have usually done prematurely because I am so excited to check out the pretty things that I have had stored all winter. But this year I must admit I am a little burnt out on the switchout since I already did it in the shop and also because I deal with clothing all day long, everyday. Thankfully my closet still serves up plenty of spring appropriate clothing because frankly I spend a good amount of time buying things on Etsy and at estate sales.

sheer cotton 1920s blouse  - estate sale
periwinkle wool pencil skirt - hand me down from my friend Emily
almond mary janes - Etsy


Jean Jean Vintage said...

You look very sweet! I love that gauzy blouse.

Good Girls Studio said...

~Happy Spring~ your blouse is lovely!

BaronessVonVintage said...

so pretty and spring-y!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm just so in love with that blouse. You look stunning!! :)

PrettyDamnCute said...

I've been hankering for a wardrobe change. Too bad it's back to being cold and miserable here in Mass! Your blouse is lovely and gives me hope for lighter, fresher clothing soon!

Kim said...

These clothes are gorgeous!I wish we all dressed like that again! Glad to have found your blog..found it from LittleByrd.

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