Tuesday, March 16

and the beat goes on...★ Spring Dress Preview, Part IV ★

The thing is, I am acquiring them faster than I can shoot photos of them, but you won't catch me complaining! As usual, if one of these pretty dresses makes you heart really skip a beat, contact me for details on it!


Andi B. Goode said...

Blimey, they're all lovely!
-Andi x

Isabelle, said...

quel joli blog.De très belles photos de robes rétro.Je viendrais faire un p'tit tour de temps en temps.Je vous invite également à venir me rendre visite sur mon blog/mode.Bye
(I'm french de bordeaux-the wine)

Zohar said...

Such amazing finds - I've been loving all the yellows! (of this and other posts)

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow!! You are providing a good idea of what dress heaven must look like... so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I must say that your shop provides the most dazzling vintage I've ever seen! Once I start making more money, I can't wait to make purchases. Until then, thanks for the inspiration!


flaming hag folkwear said...

wow, you are a vintage magnet! such a beautiful array of dresses presented in such a crisp and clean manner. i especially love the green (with pink and white) one with its detail at the waist--tempting!

thanks so much for stopping by my blog!


beckydrolen said...

you are the luckiest!

Rebecca said...

Your blog is so inspirational, you always seem to find such lovely things. I'm particulary liking the bottom left number.

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