Thursday, March 11

almost al fresco

First day with the windows open while I worked, so nice. I managed to do a lot of organizing in the shop today, moved all the winter stuff out and moved stored spring/summer garments up. How fun, so many dresses, skirts and blouses I had forgotten about. Means there's a pretty huge photo session in the future, but for today I just enjoyed the breeze and smell of grass and listed all the above vintage.


Purple Deer said...

That primary flower blouse is lovely!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, lauren...great stuff, as usual.

love that sailor top. it's adorable.

young captive vintage said...

that first spring day when you can open all the windows in your house and circulate the air around is magic. so is that sailor shirt!


Hello Lindello said...

SO many great things! I love that sailor top too.

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

wonderful finds, as always.

also loving the spring previews..something about vintage clothing collages make me smile

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