Tuesday, February 16

sweater of glory (or thrift story, part II)

Another hard-won thrift store garment. This sweater is real amazing. It weighs about 4 lbs, at least. It's silk and angora and I found it while thrifting last fall, it was the last thing I found and of course it didn't have a price. But this time for some magical reason they were going to "take it in back" and price it for me. I was over the moon. 15 minutes later while still waiting, my over the moon feeling starting to turn into "waning moon", but I waited still. I had already combed the entire store so there wasn't much I could do while waiting (though I did find a super great red, hooded Woolrich coat!). An after what seemed like an age I was bold enough to breach the double door gateway to the "back room" to inquire about the sweater, they freak out when you break the red door barrier so I knew I was pressing my luck. But it worked! The sweater was priced and would you believe they priced it at $2.40?! I nearly squealed.


Hunter said...

That sweater looks super soft!

whitney-anne said...

that's when you take it and pay and walk out VERY casually and then run all the way home as soon as you're out of sight of the shop!!

Becky of Becky Blue J said...

It's beautiful.

Fabiola "Fab" said...

What a deal!!! AMAZING sweater indeed!!!

Lauren Maurer said...

So worth the wait! That sweater is gorgeous!

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