Thursday, February 11

a mix not often mixed

A shop update full of browns & blacks...thrown in a gorgeous slate blue Jack Mann dress!
I used to have a rule that I would not wear gray and brown. I am very happy to say I
abandoned that rule long ago and it's one of my favorite color combinations now.
So chuck the rules!


sb said...

love all the shoes! and the white skirt - so wonderfully simple!

Anonymous said...

i'm against lots of fashion rules! no white after labor day? pish posh! no brown and black? nonsense!

everything is gorgeous as always!

Ruby Roulette said...

Love love LOVE the last dress!

Anonymous said...

wow, the black drapey blouse (a dress?) is gorgeous. those buttons!

Love_Again said...

I love both pairs of boots! and that last dress is perfect!

Posies for Lulu said...

Love your blog! Such pretty pictures!

mama leanne said...

the ariat boots are killer and I love the grey/brown combo...reminds me of a winter

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Just love the Dorothy Parker dress. And not just because I love Ms. Parker!

Hunter said...

That purse really caught my eye.

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