Thursday, February 25

a knit fit

Missoni pre-fall collection. Sure, we're all thinking ahead to spring, but frankly my lovely state is buried in snow with no end in sight and I am trying hard to ignore the pre-spring frenzy that is invariably beginning. My sock drawer is still stuffed with thick wool socks and cable knit tights. Seeing this collection makes me much less grumpy about it still being cold, it also makes me want to make a crazy mixed up knit outfit from all my sweater-y clothes. I love how Missoni is mixing patterns so skillfully that you can almost miss how many patterns are really going on in each outfit, it's an art for certain.


BaronessVonVintage said...

oh you have no idea how happy you've made this knit obsessed lady!!!!!!!!!

Annie said...

I love these. So cozy looking!

Good Girls Studio said...

swoony Missoni goodness that I can never afford! Why why why do you always have to be out of budget :) Bring on the vintage knits Lauren!

Mousevox Vintage said...

always, always love missoni. xo

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