Monday, January 11

till all is bright, and clear, and still

I've been reading much Percy Bysshe Shelley. Have you ever noticed how many color words he uses? I should starting reading his poetry just to name my garments. I've also just discovered Lillian Hellman. Winter certainly beacons us to read more, I can't imagine living somewhere without 4 seasons, I am sure I would not like it. I rather like how winter forces a little more creative whereas outfits are concerned, in the warm months it is so easy because a dress and some cute shoes suffice, but when you have to layer it up you certainly get a change to be inventive. Not that I am being particularly inventive with this outfit, but you get the picture. And really when I went outside I dishonored this little outfit with some giant snow boots; we do what we must...

black wool sweater - Anthropologie (splurge!)
1950s boucle pencil skirt - thrifted
tights - Sock Dreams
black gold trimmed flats - thrifted
pink blush raw linen neckwarmer - purchased from a local artist in Austin, TX

And also, a shop update 


Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

Is the pink attached to the coat on your oufit or a separate blouse? Pink is so pretty with black. Also, the first blush pink lace dress with the bow in your shop update is pretty much DIVINE!

tenthings. said...

Oh, I just love this look!

I really like that you tell where everything originated, too. You have such a great sense of style my friend!

Francy said...

Shelley and Hellman are both such excellent writers! The pink ruffle around your neck is so cute! I love your blog. I linked you!

p.s.-Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! xx

Revolving Styles said...

good splurge and your outfit is inventive! are you pleased with your splurge??

la fille vanille said...

LOOOOVE your outfit :-)

Rachel C. said...

The neckwarmer is amazing! It adds something really special to your ensemble here - a subtly perfect pop of color!


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

I love this outfit and I'm sure it looked just as cute with boots. (It's Michigan. I look at my pretty shoes, say "see you in spring," and put on the boots!)

Percy Bisque Silley said...

Indeed, Shelley was a sensitive lad. Would that a Gentleman's line of clothing were available coloured in His sensibilities for today's Romantic Dandy.

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