Sunday, January 17

somewhere between yes and oh my god yes

Actually it's also somewhere between winter and spring, this Thakoon collection. And I love love love it. I especially love the belted coats that aren't belted coats. What it does is render all those vintage coats without closures I see completely fashion relevant today. Short ones and long one. And even those vintage 1950s sweaters without closures (buttons, etc). I have a 1950s linen duster in the shop that I think I am going to have to "buy" from myself as it certainly fits in this vibe.


tenthings. said...

definitely! love it!

vintagepetals said...

I love it! my favorite look is probably the first one...I love all the extra pleating and layers :)

Claire Voisine- backdrop blog said...

I love how the booties amp up every look. Gorgeous! Now I want to dress up today :)

Erica said...

oh gosh i have been hopelessly smitten with thakoon for so long. sadly i think my thakoon for target duds are the closest i'm going to get to it :)

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