Thursday, December 10

The wind blew it in

Wednesday was a very blustery day, it seemed any minute a tree would fall on the house, and more than three times the power went out due to the wind. Though I planned to head out to shop for the shop every time I looked outside staying in seemed better and better. And while some people might bake or read or
clean when the weather shuts them in, I list! And so the update ended up being maybe the biggest one yet, and so this is the update that the "wind blew in"!


Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

Is that a mistletoe sweater!? oh my, that is too too cute, Lauren.

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

I love the red sweater and shoes!

I know what you mean about the wind, in Indy the wind chill is -6 degrees! coldest I've ever been.

M. said...

everything is gorgeous!

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