Saturday, December 26

snow scenes

 flickr photo pics from Design is Mine

After sleeping in a little this morning I woke up to fat snow falling very slowly. I was so happy about it I thought we were finally going to get snowed in! But now the sun is out and has almost melted all of this morning's snow. I know we'll get the snow soon, but I am a bit impatient about it. I have designs in moving to Minnesota where there's a ton of snow already. I figure if it's going to be cold there may as well be snow.  So here is a little compilation of wintery photos I came across a while ago. Although I know that some of you specifically in the northeast and in Minnesota can look outside right now and see these very scenes. Grrr.....


Q's Daydream said...

it's raining here today. im actually starting to miss maine and its pretty snow.

Hello Lindello said...

True true! MN is all white. I am loving it. I'm sure some of it will be coming your way :)

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Girl, we have had snow on the ground (and lots more since yesterday) here in GRR ever since just after Thanksgiving!

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