Thursday, December 31

paying the price

Tuesday while taking photos for the shop I decadently turned the heat in the house up to 70 degrees. Which is pretty sweltering when we usually keep it at 65 during the day and 55 at night. But I was tired of being cold changing my shirt tons of times while shooting a bin of blouses. It was so wonderful! I don't think our heat has even been on that high for the entire day. And so, yesterday I had to pay the price and keep the heat very low and seriously bundle up. I did get out of the house and went thrifting with my friend Amy (you can read her blog at Gulping Beauty), which didn't help keep me warm as it is less than 20 degrees outside. I heard a bird chirping and it sounded like a spring bird and I had a flash of spring in my mind. However I am not lamenting winter yet, I still long to hole up in a rustic cabin up north and have vowed that I will in the coming month!

atlantic blue cashmere turtleneck - thrifted
navy blue toggle sweater - thrifted
1950s plaid wool skirt -  a gift from Maria at Adelaide Homesewn
tights - ?
socks - from my mom
ankle boots - thrifted


ForeverYou said...

It is lovely! I love the jacket! Happy New year!

Q's Daydream said...

haha! the heat thing made me giggle! I know just what you mean. I LOVE your outfit and that coat!!! I just found a toggle coat yesterday and was so excited! i'd been looking for one 4ever! Have a great new year lauren!

Vivi said...

Toggle = classic! Happy new year and I can't wait what you have in store for next year... (lame pun was only half intentional...) :)

jarsika said...

Why am I so into these SOCKS?!? I think I'm on a sock binge for SURE! Probably because in Phoenix this may be the only time the temp. goes under 70 degrees! :)



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