Sunday, December 20

lady camelot

I've always considered myself a 1930s-1940s gal, I have gravitated to the styles of those two decades throughout my entire life. But lately I've found myself attracted to the very early 1960s. Perhaps it's Mad Men, I admit, but it's also the film, 'An Education' and the recent visit to the Motown museum. It's also worth mentioning that this style switch might be spurred by my hair length, which lends itself well to the look of 1961. Along with that is how the styles of the early 1960s seem decidedly "grown up" and very "smart". I am having fun expanding my personal vintage collection by scooping up pieces not unlike the ones above. Never will I abandoned my love of 1930s-1940s clothing, not a chance. I see this more of a broadening. Vintage fashion is surprisingly unstatic, there's too many years of fashion history for that. I love how new vintage obsessions can be sparked so easily. I'm collecting rhinestones by the dozens it seems, a gem I used to pass up as though they were rocks.


katja said...

My favorite era (late 50s/early 60s)...both in vintage fashion and in home design/decor. I'm gravitating from this mod period to very ethnic looks lately. Completely unexpected but I found some vintage "Thai Design" and have become hooked in the look. Discovery makes for a "vintage obsession"! as you say. Thanks for the blog post.

caramelizedvintage said...

I can wait to see how this new interest manifests itself in your outfits. :}

Mary ~ Retro Threadz said...

60s are my fav. esp the mod-twiggy look
excited to see what you have in the 60s Lauren ;o)

Louise said...

These are fantastic pics - where did you find?
The early 60's was indeed a great era. In terms of clothing I tend to gravitate to those eras which suit my figure the best; the 1950's, early 60's and 1970's generally.

Anonymous said...

Im suffering from the same afliction! I was steadily a 40s gal and now im leaning towards early 60s garments; maybe its going around!

ZipZapKap said...

Oh, how awesome! I'm glad you like my pictures - I have a lot of fun doing them. : )

I'm trying to put a date on everything now because I love the way it looks and have had great feedback from customers about it, but with over 300 vintage patterns already listed it's a mammoth task to go back and edit them - time that is better spent listing more!

Louise: you can see more of these pictures at my etsy store:

Lauren: thanks for the heads up : ) I've been a fan of your store for some time now! If you ever find yourself in the market for vintage patterns I'm sure I can cut you a deal.

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