Tuesday, November 10

woodsy walks & small towns

Sunday was an amazing day, I'd call it Indian summer, but I doubt you can say that at this point, can you? We drove to a nearby town and had a snack and then went to a great nature preserve/bird sanctuary. I love all the brown weedy flower-weeds, I love milkpods and fuzzy sticks, that's a very technical botanical term by the way, 'fuzzy sticks'. It's migratory season for birds and the preserve has a huge body of water in it so there's just a whole host of water birds there. Things were pretty serene for a while and then we saw all of the birds fly up from the water and scatter around. An eagle had entered the area and sent all the birds into this tizzy, needless to say it was a huge treat to see an eagle, we weren't expecting that at all.

And do I always go hiking in a jaunty hat? Oh well, yes of course. ;)


Brittany Noel said...

Looks like a wonderful Sunday indeed! Which preserve did you go to? We were at Maybury on Sunday :)

Anonymous said...

I recently started following you on twitter due to some posts about Ypsi, but I love your pics from Sunday!

Reminds me of my weekends in Ypsi being so close to downtown and the nature preserves off of Prospect Rd.



calivintage said...

you look absolutely adorable in these photos. it sounds like a splendid day. this makes me think i might need to get out of the house! ;)

littlebyrd said...

Your nature pictures turned out beautifully! Whenever you post about an outing I always wish that I had been along with you because it was surely a lot of fun!!!

sarah said...

These photos are wonderful and you look SO fantastic. That hat is just adorable! :)

Leilani said...

I love your sunglasses & hat! It looks like you found an old fashioned 'Main Street' type of small town to explore. :)

Girl 1 said...

lovin the hat! great atmosphere to be in.

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