Sunday, November 1

Vintage Equestrian

Happy November! And one of my favorite holidays is over. I dressed in all an all vintage riding outfit for Halloween and the evening was spent at my own house having a small party where we pass out candy, play super scary music and try to scare kids (mean I know, but it's all in good fun!) drink and eat and then watch a scary movie. This year we watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I am not a big fan of most scary movies but I do love possession/devil ones. That film is particularly freaky because it's based on a true story.

My friend Lyndsay actually owns a horse and rides so when the night was over I gave her my hat, which she can actually wear when show riding! I think it's so cool she'll be using a vintage riding hat in a show. I also think it's so cool she has a horse, if I wasn't so sure I'd be thrown from the horse and thereby paralyzed I would love to go to her stable and ride. As we get older we must become less adventurous because when I was 18 I used to ride a horse often, somehow that seems like a lifetime ago...

vintage riding hat -thrifted
vintage 1950s wool peplum jacket - vintage shop
1940s wool riding pants - vintage shop
vintage black gloves - antique shop
riding boots - my own trusty pair


13bees said...

very cute!

calivintage said...

you look darling in your costume and your halloween sounds like fun! i kinda want that hat!

avintagespirit (Lizzy) said...

I love your halloween costume, especially your 50s wool peplum jacket, so great!
I love the vintage riding hat too.

Sarah said...

I LOVE THIS! Best costume ever!!! Did you know I'm engaged and I'm planning an equestrian themed wedding? hehe ...

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