Friday, November 13

Tough Enough

You know when you see something you like in a shop, you try it on and then you decide against getting it and then think about that thing sort of a lot later? Well that is what happened to me and these boots. I saw them in this vintage shop one night before going to see the Chanel film. I tried them on, liked them and then left them there. Two and a half days later I called the shop and had them hold them because it has settled in that I really needed them. So now I am wearing them and like them a lot alot! Comfy and tough, just what I am into right now. Just tough enough. I love this mode of dressing right especially so because it's almost absurdly comfortable, especially after coming off a dressy phase. It feels almost decadent to run around in a henley, flannel and jeans, so I threw on a necklace just so I wouldn't feel so lumberjacky.

boys plaid flannel shirt - thrifted (why anyone would buy a *new* flannel shirt just boggles my mind)
brown henley - owned for literally, years and years
pale denim - JCrew
boots - vintage shop, The Getup
necklace - thrifted


C'est Laura said...

beautiful outfit! love the boots! xo

Rachel C. said...

really great boots! is it the buckles that make you feel tough? i have black boots with buckles and they make me feel tough. :)


FrivolousFlapper said...

i often do the same thing but when I go back the thing I decided against has usually been snatched up. Lucky you! Looks good!

caramelizedvintage said...

I love the toughness boots add to an outfit. And they make you feel good. AND they are comfy. You look great; I'm glad you got to bring them home.

Teresa @ good-grace said...

Loving this look. "just tough enough" - perfect!

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