Tuesday, November 3

Spats in the mix

I've had this great charcoal gray wool pair of spats for about a year and half now and they've been living in my glove bin. Yesterday while cleaning out the glove bin I found them and decided it was time to wear them. Heeled oxfords work really nicely with spats. It's odd wearing something on my feet that have no real function at all, but I totally love how they look so I have decided that their function is to please me! The dress I picked up at my favorite vintage shop, it's another vintage knit dress that I love so much, way soft and super easy to wear, like a giant body-sweater.

Also I have rededicated myself to both yoga and cooking, both of which have taken a back seat to my shop. I have promised myself I will not shop for the shop this week which means they'll be nothing to get measured, photograph or mend! Hurrah!


Anonymous said...

Love love LOVE these shoes!

Anonymous said...

You always look so great! Your style is an inspiration, although you and I could not be more different: I'm a tad older, shorter, rounder. But I love how you put things together and like how effortless it looks. You never look overdone - even wearing spats!

Q's Daydream said...

You look amazing!!! I know what you mean by yoga taking a back seat! I make myself do an hr of yoga twice a week and I cook for my hubby most nights. :o)

tenthings. said...

Good for you Lauren! it looks like you're finding balance again. that's exactly what happens with me, i get sooo focused on one thing, that other (important things) sort of fall by the wayside. eventually, they're missed and i find a place to squeeze them back in. yoga is still on the back burner for me right now and when i think about it, i miss it terribly. I had to lol at Anonymous...she's right you always look so great and you are so inspiring to all. i have only a few vintage bohemian, edgy type pieces that i mix with more modern things, but still i find myself coming to your sight on a daily basis (as you know) just to see what you have. it's like picking up a favorite catalog and looking through all the beautiful photographs for inspiration. you really have an eye for beauty and style and it's such a pleasure that you share it with us all (long time vintage lovers and girls like me, who have just recently discovered the true beauty of vintage).

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