Monday, November 23

Make mine sparkling

It's funny, this year I have no holiday plans (yet) and really, I hardly ever leave the house anymore, but for some reason I have my eye keyed in on all things sparkly for the holiday season. I am sure some event will come up in which I can wear fancy things, and when it does, I'll be ready! Above are some of my recent purchases that will help usher in a festive spirit!

An Innocent Affair Sequined Shell from 13Bees
Vintage Black Rhinestones Triangle Japanned Dangle Earrings from My Vintage Jewels
Vintage Clear Rhinestone Layered STAR Earrings My Vintage Jewels
Vintage Clear North Star Rhinestone Necklace from myself! I bought it for the shop, put it in the shop and then just had to keep it!


Katy said...

Loving the shine! I hardly ever have a reason to wear anything so fancy myself, but I do like to look and dream!

imelda said...

love it! espspecially the vintage clear north rhinestone necklace! c'est parfait..

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

I love that shell from 13bees--so perfect!

I have no holiday party plans either--we are usually cozy at home, cooking and watching old movies--but of course found a great party dress.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, I love all the sparkle, stunning!

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