Wednesday, November 4


So yeah, I'm into these sweaters - been into them for as long as I can even remember. One cool thing about starting this shop is that I can now buy every single one of them I come across and as it were there are many other girls who love these sweaters too! First of all, they are almost always acrylic, which is fantastic because acrylic is a great sweater fabric, it's softer than wool, holds it's shape, is 100% washable and is lightweight but warm. Love all that stuff!  Today I was listing some of these sweaters so I decided to wear one. Since this one falls to the hip I didn't know what to wear on the bottom, but then I saw these 1950s gray wool shorts I have not worn yet and they are just perfect for this Teutonic little look!

1970s folk sweater -thrifted
1950s wool shorts - thrifted
tights - Hue
knee high boots - Etsy? last year? thrifted? not purchase blindness...


jarsika said...

Ha! I was thinking Princess Leah! Didn't you have this Star Wars thing going on for awhile?!? You're so cute.



Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

You look so great in that! I have one of these, a belted green cardigan. I love the look of it, but hardly ever wear it. I'm not sure it's "me."

Anyway--totally agree with you on the acrylic sweaters. Non-scratchy and don't pill as much as wool and cashmere can. Who'd have thought?

miha.ela said...

Dear Lauren you have such a great blog,
I saw many pairs of beautiful shoes, especially those with straps.. dresses..
you are such a great inspiration for me.. even this is a shop..

Mamushka Marie said...

i looooove those sweaters too, especially the wraps, this one you're wearing is very, very cute. :) so glad it's nearing winter and the time to layer up again is here! :)

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