Saturday, October 10

The Unadorned Head

Somewhere in the recent past I turned some fashion corner and I feel quite incomplete with a hat. It's a good thing since there are so many hats in the world and not many people wearing them so I seem to have my pick of the litter, so to speak. Along with this, I seem to have turned away from flouncy skirts and dresses and have started gravitating more toward a slimmer line, right now in particular I am pretty obsessed with vintage wool pencil skirts. Such a grown up I have become! Today I am wearing all but one of my current vintage loves - 1940-50s sweater girl sweaters, 1940s round toe heels, pencil skirts and hats. The only thing left out is 1930s-40s sweater dresses, which I am saving for a future post.

Today I went to a vintage shop I visit regularly and found out about a vintage show next week that is not  not too far away, I have never been to a vintage show and I will certainly go to this one. Though I may not buy anything I think I will really like seeing the other people that go as they dress in vintage. I felt a slight tinge of unhappiness today for not having anyone close to me that loves dressing up as much as I do, but then I realize that is what the internet and blogs are for, there are so many girls who love what I love and thankfully through the magic of technology, I can "meet" them!

burnt orange vintage hat - vintage shop
sweater girl sweater - thrifted
orange pencil skirt - thrifted
1940s shoes - Etsy


Q's Daydream said...

The perfect outfit! That vintage show sounds wonderful. If I was closer I'd go with ya! :o)

Bateau Watteau said...

Love it!!! except I would wear a crisp white oxford, change out the sweater for a cardigan and add a great leather belt. ohhh and a brooch, I just love brooches!!! Plus straight hair for moi!

loni said...

I've never been to a vintage show, but it sounds great! have fun!

Lemondrop Marie said...

What an amazing pencil skirt- color's lovely! Happy vintage viewing, I am jealous.

calivintage said...

these colors are so rich and beautiful on you. and i really love that little sweater.

caramelizedvintage said...

I love the colors you are wearing. And your shoes are really spectacular as is that bold hat!

Lilee said...

love the header and the outfit! great shoes tooooo!

Anonymous said...

Pretty and gorgeous in those <a href=">Ladies tunic tops</a>! Great post!

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