Tuesday, October 6

The Habit of Being

 images from The Habit of Being

I want to introduce you to The Habit of Being. It is a blog that makes me feel so utterly peaceful in every way. The sparseness, the content and most of all the amazingly beautiful and simple photography. These photos are what I always want it to look like inside my head. Sometimes I feel like it isn't a person keeping this blog at all, but rather just an energy, or being...if you will. It's so silent, but not as though it isn't saying something, just silent. I feel silent when I visit this blog and it seems impossible that anything could be chaotic, I suppose you could call this blog a wonderful little refuge...please have a gander.


Maria Confer said...

Oh, that blog is amazing and so is yours! You're so right, there is such a peaceful silence to these photos.

Adore the little chick.


Vivi said...

Lovely discovery. And, yes, that calming feeling is what I would want the inside of my head to look like too.

calivintage said...

oh this is just the kind of blog i need to add to my reader. and i love your description. just reading it made me feel more calm. ;)

Brittany Noel said...

i am in love. on my way over there right now :)

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