Saturday, October 3

Brisk Birthday

Yesterday was Mr. Dear Golden's birthday, so there was much fun planned including a cider mill trip, cocktails and dinner at a super pretty and romantic Polish restaurant called Amadeus, to more cocktails with friends at another super cozy place we like to go. It wasn't easy trying to figure out what to wear that would go from chilly day at a cider mill to dinner and drinks. I decided to wear his favorite dress of mine that I recently bought at my favorite vintage shop. It's a early 1960s pumpkin orange wool wiggle dress that fits like a dream. I would have normally paired it with heels, but since it was cold and the cider mill is no place for heels, I wore some boots which also modernized the dress some. I feel like this dress is something Banana Republic would sell in a minute, they do some really nice classic early 1960s styling.

burnt orange 1960s dress - vintage
boots - Little Byrd Vintage on Etsy
gloves - from my mother

Two silly shots from the cider mill, it was very windy and way colder than we wanted it to be. There were these weird midget trees that had this super giant apples on them, the trees were so small it was bizarre to us that they could even bear the weight of these huge apples.

vintage 1930s hat - vintage
plaid lined jacket - thrifted
coach station satchel - thrifted


Q's Daydream said...

you look perfect! I love the boots with the dress! I'm trying to start buying slimmer silhouettes. I have so many full skirted dress and sometimes I feel like I need to dress more mature. :o)

A Thought Is The Blossom said...

happy belated birthday! love that hat. :)

sarah said...

Your outfit is so beautiful! The colour of that dress is stunning, and I love that hat on you. :)

jarsika said...

Very very cute! And Happy Birthday to the hubs. I'm planning my boys birthday here pretty soon. :)



Anonymous said...

You're adorable!

AlicePleasance said...

Happy belated birthday to Mr. Dear Golden!
The hat and the jacket are fab!!

VISART - DaLi Designs said...

This dress is amazing and I loved the hat too!!!

Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

I cannot believe that dress! You look STUNNING! So perfect for a fall date, Lauren. The gloves make it extra classy. Purrrdy! :)

alexkeller said...

you look fab in the hat - we should all wear hats more often!

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