Saturday, October 24

So much new in one day

Very super sweet day today! So much was new. First of all my new dress form came last night and I am so excited to shoot photos with it tomorrow, hopefully! Secondly, my new knit dress! I am a woman of my word and said today I would wear it to my first vintage show which I attended with Emily, who has new hair and is way cute. She is wearing an amazing charcoal gray wool Jonathon Logan dress that you'd just have to see in person to appreciate. We had a pretty outstanding day looking at and buying vintage. I got a new gray 1930s knit dress, it was at the first booth I went to at the vintage show and I snapped it right up rather excitedly. Many a hat was fawned over and purchased today as well. Although the show was small, it was just as well as I ran out of cash to spend (which might have been a blessing actually...). There is a vintage show in Chicago next weekend and well, this first show sort of "broke my seal" if you will and of course I want to go to that one, but as of right now am not. Pretty much 90% of what I bought today is for me and not for the shop, but I did get a pretty amazing 1920s dress that after some minor repairs will be in the shop. I did have my camera as I intended to take photos at the vintage show, but honestly, I was too overwhelmed and dazzled by all the stuff that I didn't even care about taking out my camera, I am not a natural photographer and I am still getting used to having the camera with me while "doing things", so, sorry!


Q's Daydream said...

amazing! I love your dress! I'm so jealous of all of you 30s dresses, hehe! That haircut is way too adorable too. Oh, and how wonderful that show sounded!

The Church of Vintage said...

My favorite of all shows and loathe at the same time(expensive) is the Manhattan Vintage Clothing
Show. The best dealers across the country bringing all their best and the people watching is to die for as well because everyone is dressed to the nines. They actually have slide shows of past shows on their website if you care to peruse.

reilly said...

You both look great! The knit dress is stunning on you, and I love your friend's Jonathan Logan jumper!

I can't blame you for not taking photos while you were there, I'm the same. As long as we some pictures of your new finds on that new dress form!

nath said...

i didn't recognise her!

Teresa @ good-grace said...

SOOOO envious of the dress form! And the lovely, lovely dresses!! (swoon))

Love Emily's haircut!!

genevieve said...

Killer dress! The geometric front is right up my current alley. Gorgeous!

maria said...

Lauren, you look absolutely smashing! and i love duff's new hair, inspiring.


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