Friday, September 4

A week of summer dresses #5, and cheating.

So here we are on Friday, a day that loses it's allure once you longer work in an office all week. Though I may not be working at my old job, I can say that I worked on Dear Golden all which is much harder and much more satisfying labor! I am sure at some point I will look back and wonder how in the world I was running my shop and working at my job. Right now it's hard to change pace and know that I have everyday for my shop as opposed to only weekend days, I still feel I have to rush my photoshoots and do everything super fast. Enough of that!

Today's summer dress is a total cheat as it's a dress utterly fit for autumn. But yet, it's good for this indian summer and I couldn't wait to wear it because I am loving plaid to much these days. The shoes and the belt are thrifted, along with the dress, which is a Holly Hoelscher and fits like a dream!


CD Duplication said...

cool pics

Q's Daydream said...

Oh dear! another perfect plaid dress!!! You must tell me if you find an adorable plaid number that you want to sell, cause I'll buy it!!! 32/34 bust 25/27!!! :o)

jarsika said...

OooOoooOoo Are you going to be on "Quit Your Day Job?!?!?!?"



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