Tuesday, September 8

This is gonna have to be my most favorite shirt.

Just like I wait and wait all winter to wear the cute summer things I find, I also wait all summer to wear the winter things! This shirt has been sitting in my closet taunting me and today I got to wear it. I bought it from a shop on Etsy called Zorya, the seller hand crochets the collar and sleeve bits and then sews them on. The shirt is a basic black t-shirt so it's way comfy while also looking crazy cute!

top - Zorya, on Etsy
skirt - thrifted
wellies - Urban Outfitters


Vivi said...

Goodness what a great outfit! Love all the bits.

Q's Daydream said...

That top is amazing! I love the entire outfit :o)

Lisa said...

That shirt is so adorable! Very sweet

VISART - DaLi Designs said...

Cute shirt, love it

littlebyrd said...

I like!

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