Monday, September 28

Richard Avedon

Sure, there's been many blog posts about Richard Avedon, but I have to say I am posting this not only because I love Richard Avedon, but because the Detroit Institute of the Arts is hosting a Avedon exhibit that starts next month and it's, as you can guess, written in bright red on my calendar.

From the DIA's website:
This exhibition is a comprehensive study of Richard Avedon's (1923-2004) fashion photographs that includes a selection of over 200 images representing his stylistic evolution over a period of 50 years. Both iconic and lesser-known photographic prints, as well as never-before-seen material including contact sheets, magazine layouts, personal ephemera and archival material are included. All photographs are from the Avedon estate, and many are vintage prints.

Avedon began his career at the end of World War II in New York City. Influenced by photo reportage and the innovative eye of Harper's Bazaar art director Alexy Brodovitch, Avedon revolutionized editorial fashion work for magazines in the post-World War II era. At the young age of 23, his work was fresh and created to rejuvenate the Paris fashion market after the war.

As his career developed in the 1950s and 1960s, Avedon captured the independent lifestyle and spirit of the times in women's clothing of the period. In addition to his fashion work with celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor and Barbara Streisand, Avedon was one of the first high-profile photographers to work with African American and multi-racial models including Detroit-native Donyale Luna and the Eurasian model China Machado.


ScottieinaCanoe said...

That will be an Amazing exhibit indeed :)

Jodi French said...

OMGosh, LOVE Richards work.

LandGirlontheHomeFront said...

so much elegance!

Brittany Noel said...

Aren't you SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED?! I was just there the other day for lunch and saw a sign or something for this exhibit. I can't wait to go.

Grace said...

A real legend.

Love Grace.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Fantastic! The GR Art Museum had an Avedon exhibit last summer (or fall?); it was so great.

Anonymous said...

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