Friday, September 11

Five Friday Favorites

I used to do Four Friday Favorites, but since 5 also begins with an "f" I though heck, let's make it five. I am always focusing on what is new in the shop, naturally, but the back of the shop is always stocked with just as worthy pieces! I am still trying to find a nice balance of number of items in the shop and as of now it seems to be around 130, for some reason I can't seem to post much more than that without feeling like the "back" of the shop gets some serious neglect. Viva la back of the shop!


reilly said...

Man, I sure do wish I lived when I could have picked that blue dress off the rack in every color and had shoes and a hat to match!

vintagepetals said...

So do you just start renewing items when your shop hits 130ish?

By the way, that blue dress is AMAZING! I can't believe it hasn't sold!

13bees said...

holy moses my magic number is hovering around 95 and I can't seem to make it past that! you are always consistently around 130 - love that consistency!! maybe our numbers actually MEAN something??!

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