Friday, September 25

Entirely practical

The other day, when I bought this dress at a vintage shop I overheard a woman in the shop talking to the shop owner about how wearing vintage just wasn't "practical". She was in the shop looking for a naughty nurse/pinup costume and well, let's just say the whole thing really ruffled my feathers. First of all, I sort of hate it when people only go in vintage shops this time of year because they are looking for a costume, that just gets to me. And then to say that wearing vintage isn't "practical"? Well, it was all I could do not to start in on her. But I zipped my lip and tried to remember the whole world isn't obsessed with wearing vintage like I am. Which brings me to this dress. Totally practical! It's a 1930s knit dress that is as comfortable as anything I own. It looks vintage, yet modern. And the shoes, 1930s brown suede oxford heels that are perfectly comfortable because of the medium and chunky heel. I can't decide if I want to educate people like this woman to the utter practicality of wearing vintage, or just let them go on their merry way leaving more vintage goodies for myself!


Elizabeth said...

Save the vintage for yourself (and us through your etsy shop)!

reilly said...

Not to be morbid, but could you leave this whole ensemble to me in your will? The perfect green dress if I ever saw one! I love the little ribbon/bow, and since buying a similar pair of 40s shoes those are my favorite type!

As for the ruffled feathers, I probably would have come back with, "And how is wearing a 'naughty' costume severely lacking in fabric practical in late Fall?"

Heather D. said...

That dress was made for you! I say let her go on her merry way and leave the goodies to us!

SarahAnn said...

It's totally practical: REUSE! Plus, trends always make their way back around in some way or another.

But, I like your thinking--save the vintage finds for those of us who can appreciate it! ;)

Q's Daydream said...

Wow, that dress is perfection!!! and I think in some ways vintage is more practical, who wants to wear jeans and a retarded blouse, haha! :o)

Bug said...

I get grumpy over this same issue. Ive had so many people say that to me too. Its really gets me stirred up - not practical?? Are you kidding me, its more practical then buying expensive clothes that have no character. Haha, look at me getting all defensive!! I love that dress on you - look absolutely gorgeous!! Have a wonderful weekend!!



sarah said...

That irks me, too. Vintage IS practical - it's made so much better than modern clothing, is recycled, and can be every bit as comfortable as modern clothing. This is coming from someone who is a fiend for comfort!

And by the way, that dress is absolutely gorgeous. :)

halfpastafreckle said...

grrr. I would want to educate this pinup wannabe woman as well...but I would have done the same thing and kept my mouth zipped. The local vintage shop in my town has a sign, "These are not costumes" I now have even more repect for that sign.

little my said...

Stunning outfit!! You really live in a vintage blessed place :P

That woman must have been totally annoying! I had no idea ppl shop vintage stores for only costumes! That's so..stupid? Well, as there are no vintage shops in Romania, I can't really see that happen.

Anyway, I think there could be a practical issue; as much as vintage is often much more comfortable, better constructed with quality fabrics and could be more sturdy than modern pieces(not to mention prettier!), there's still one big issue - washing! Maybe it's me being over-protective with my hard-earned Ebay treasures, but I generally hand wash cold most of my vintage pieces and that can be quite annoying sometimes, especially during the cold months. Paying a dry cleaner could be riskier and definitely more expensive, so from this point of view vintage could not be that practical. But considering the fact that most modern pieces that are nice and made of silk/wool/good fabrics require hand washing/dry cleaning I guess my point doesn't stand, does it?

vintagepetals said...

Not practical? I would love to have heard logical reasoning for that. Oh yes, it seems much more practical to spend oodles of money on mass-produced, poorly made fad garments that will lose both quality and a place in fashion in a matter of 2.5 months.

Sounds like she needed a good stern talking to! Complete with the angry finger shaking.

AlicePleasance said...

This dress is marvellous and I can totally see how comfy it is!

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